Thursday, November 26, 2009

My First Ebook

In November 2009 I put my first book online. The above pictures show some of the hard copy of it.

The ebook can be found at the following links. It is free of charge to anyone who would like to read it:

On scribd at the following URL --
It might be easier to get it here:

A megaupload link is here:

The book is entitled:

The Miscavige Legal Statements: A Study in Perjury, Lies and Misdirection.

And, it is listed as the collected works of L. H. Brennan, volume 1, mostly using writings contained on this blowspot.

If anyone would like to read my personal history in scientology, see why I left, see why I am now speaking out and see why I am an advocate for victims rights feel free to read the "Author Profile" section of the book, starting on page 72.

This is written in an attempt to point out and hopefully help end the lies and perjury as well as the dangerous practices, fraud, human trafficking, forced labor and many other abuses carried out by David Miscavige and organized scientology that are hidden behind such lies and perjury.
September 24, 2010: The following is a link to a download of a radio program where I was interviewed as the author of this book. The show "The Edge" with Tom Smith aired on September 24, 2010 on Hawkradio station 1520AM in the Clearwater/Tampa, Florida area. Tom interviewed me for one hour where many details found in the book are discussed:
December 22, 2010: a follow-up to the ebook. With the help of my lovely copy editor Anonymous here is a link to a little publication which is a Christmas present to the Office of Special Affairs regarding how to remove David Miscavige from corporate authority:
Special thanks to AnonyMary as I used one of her posts in the "Additional Information" section.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pictures - How Times Change

Myself and my baby daughter in 1983. I am in my Sea Org "Commander's" uniform. At that time I was "Special Unit In Charge" and "Watchdog Committee Member X".

Twenty five years later (March 2008) this is myself with members of Anonymous outside of the Boston location of organized scientology.
Who woulda thunk!?!? :)

September 2008 - "This is scientology" event in Germany

The above includes a picture of me speaking and a picture taken after the speakers had finished speaking at this event. It shows the four guest speakers, the woman who organized the event and Anonymous. From left to right that would be myself, Ursula, Marc, Graham and Jason with Anonymous all around us.

Videos of my talk in Hamburg, Germany on September 4, 2008 (tape badly damaged)*:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4 -
*Here is a link to a site where some more work was done on the above damaged tape so that my talk in Hamburg is somewhat easier to follow than in using the above four individual links:

Some of my postings related to the above event:

September 8, 2008 - I inform others what happened there:

September 10, 2008 - I tell of filing FBI complaint against organized scientology for their apparent illegal actions in trying to stop me from speaking at the event

September 11, 2008, I update my above Sept 10 postings about the occurance at the airport:


September 22, 2007 - a posting I made almost a year before this event concerning the woman who organized the event:

Some of my video interviews

A picture from in front of the Lincoln Memorial in the summer of 2008 when chatting with Anonymous who had assembled there to raise public awareness of and do something about the abuses carried out by David Miscavige and others he controls in organized scientology.

Late 2008- This is 25-minute documentary in German (no subtitles yet) and called "Der gesäuberte Planet - Eine Reise ins Innere von Scientology" ("The cleared planet - a journey into the inner of Scientology). It is directed by a journalist named Rainer Fromm. It is being played in German schools and television. My small bits in it can be found at the following times in the video: 1) minute 5:32 to 6:44 and 2) minute 10:48 to 11:21

Following is that same German show in three parts with English subtitles: - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

April 12, 2008 Free Press interview on the Boston Commons:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5:

April 12, 2008 Free Press footage of my talk with Anonymous and the public on the Boston Commons:
May 30, 2010 A short chat with Anonymous on the Boston Commons (in two parts):
May 30, 2010 video of a discussion between Nancy Many, Steve Hasson and myself in Boston:
March 6, 2011 - an interview with my dear friend Tory Christman:

Some of my radio interviews

With Anonymous at the Boston Commons in April 2008, educating the public about organized scientology's distruction of famlies and other abuses during "operation reconnect".

May 11, 2008 - listing for radio interview on Glosslips:

May 11, 2008 - actual Glosslips interview:

Nov 8, 2007 - radio interview on The Edge
Transcripts with links to interviews:

Links to this interview heard on YouTube:

part 1: (YouTube - March 16, 2008)
part 2: (YouTube - March 16, 2008)
part 3: (YouTube - March 16, 2008)
part 4: (YouTube - March 16, 2008)
part 5: (YouTube - March 16, 2008)
part 6: (YouTube - March 16, 2008)

This interview in French:

Jan 10, 2008 - a link to a download of next radio interview on The Edge:

Legal Letters, Documents and Testimony

People who speak out and try to do something about the abuses in organized scientology are called "Suppressive Persons", otherwise referred to as "SPs". To some at the top of organized scientology those people are hated. I feel proud to be considered an SP given the many other people who are considered SPs simply because they fight to expose and stop fraud, cruelty, beatings, the destruction of families and other abuses within organized scientology. I also feel proud to be able to associate with many who consider themselves part of Anonymous, which also includes many speaking out and trying to stop the abuses in organized scientology. I am touched by many EX scientologists and others who for fear of abuse from David Miscavige and those that run organized scientology don the mask and stand out as part of Anonymous to nevertheless try to stand up to the abuses they face from organized scientology. Thus I am proud to have received the fun, given-in-humor award of "SP of the Year for 2009" at the East Coast SP Party which award shows one of the most recognized symbols of Anonymous. Thus I post the above picture to honor Anonymous and the "SPs" who speak out and fight back against the abuses, lies, fraud and crime found within organized scientology and David Miscavige.

May 2008 - My legal declaration with video listing parts of it:
Someone translated my declaration into German:
My posting about my letter to David Miscavige and proposed legal settlement of all matters between myself and organized scientology:
June 29, 2010: Today I had the honor of testifying before a federal Senate Inquiry in Australia having to do with adding a Public Benefits Test to existing law. It involved requiring that to be a recognized tax exempt charity in Australia the organization must provide actual public benefit.
There were two days of testimony and I testified for about 45 minutes on the second day on the subject of organized scientology. This first link is to the schedule for day two where I am listed in the 12:15PM - 1:00PM slot:
The second link is a very brief video showing the very start of my testimony:
What happened is that on order of the Committee my testimony ended up having to be given in camera (meaning in private). As can be seen in the video, everyone but the Committee members had to leave the room for the rest of my testimony. I very much wanted what I said to be freely available to everyone and did not care that organized scientology was going to hear it. But the Committee decided it had to be private. I am told that I am not allowed to publically say what we went over at this time and so am not.
I respect the will of the Senate in trying to protect me given the sensitive nature of my testimony. But I still hope to get approval to post at least some details of the testimony as soon as possible.
I am thus reserving this space for the time where I can make public my testimony.

Sample Writings and Postings

Myself and my then wife in 1978 in East Grinstead, Sussex, England. Behind us is Saint Hill Manor, then home of the Guardian's Office World Wide. At that time I was the "Legal Branch I Director Guardian's Office World Wide" which put me in charge of all of organized scientology's legal matters that were outside of the courts. Prior to this time period, Saint Hill Manor was L. Ron Hubbard's home. This is the place listed near the top of almost all of Hubbard's policies and technical bulletins (E.G. "Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, England")

Note: Many times I have posted on different sites as "SME" (ars and clambake), "LarryBren" (WhyWeProtest/, "Lovinglife625" (exScientologists and ex SeaOrg) or Homeward Bound (

Jan 13, 2007: the real power in scientology:

March 12, 2007 – 3 postings as "SME" in a thread about organized scientology corporate matters:

January 11, 2007 - a posting showing one example of the head of organized scientology, David Miscavige, committing perjury:

May 27, 2007 - a posting about organized scientology's corporate structure and crime:

September 30, 2008 - a posting about how organized scientology hid a biography of its founder L. Ron Hubbard from the public:

April 25, 2007 – a posting about organized scientology's false advertizing on the subject of refunds:

Jan 7, 2007 a posting about organized scientology's false picture of human rights:

Three postings about organized scientology trying to frame an innocent member of Anonymous:
(i) March 28, 2008:
(ii) April 17, 2008:
(iii) My guest article on Factnet -April 11, 2008:

Feb 11, 2008 – a posting after initially protesting with Anonymous:

Three postings about a Factnet investigation into possible crimes involving organized scientology and David Miscavige:
(i) March 9, 2007:
(ii) April 16, 2007:
(iii) April 5, 2007

Jan 21, 2008 - a posting about organized scientology's leader David Misacavige beating others:

March 10, 2008 - a posting about Miscavige beating others for decades:

October 29, 2008 - a posting about organized scientology's international headquarters and Miscavige's beatings and controls from there:

Dec 28, 2006 a posting about organized scientology's International Finance Police:

Jan 9, 2007 a posting about abuses in getting books not written by L. Ron Hubbard out of scientology organizations:

April 5, 2008 a posting about the International Association of Scientologists and organized scientology's "Ideal Organizations":

August 12, 2009 another posting giving more information about the real reason behind the International Association of Scientologists:

May 26, 2008 a posting giving examples of more fraud behind organized scientology's corporate reorganization:

November 4, 2008 a posting about the first time I met David Miscavige:

November 4, 2008 a posting about CST (Church of Spirtual Technology) and controls in organized scientology:

March 11, 2010, a posting giving a little more information about CST:

A Village Voice article about the publication of L. Ron Hubbard's fiction works with my comments of what to ask the publisher printed after the end of the article (comments listed under "Larry Brennan"):

A brief posting I made explaining why the above comment in the Village Voice is important:

January 7, 2009 a posting on whyweprotest telling of new suit filed on organized scientology for labor code and other related violations:

January 12, 2009 a posting on what ex employees in California could do re organized scientology's labor law violations:

February 3, 2009 a posting about the real controls behind the Association for Better Living and Education ("ABLE"):

February 5, 2009 a posting about witnessing someone die at the hands of organized scientology who tried to save him with scientology instead of needed emergency medical treatment:

February 7, 2009 a posting about changes from the Guardians Office to the Office of Special Affairs and lies behind it:

February 10, 2009 a posting giving thoughts about what really is behind the abuses in organized scientology:

March 4, 2009 a series of postings in a thread about protesting at the international HQ of organized scientology known as "Gold Base":

April 3, 2009 a posting about a new suit filed against the church of scientology international for human trafficing, obstruction of justice and more:

April 17, 2009 a posting about the real purposes behind the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises "WISE":

March 2, 2010 another posting on WISE answering a question about the above posting:

April 19, 2009 a posting about some hidden facts behind Author Service International:

May 11, 2009 a posting about the establishment of the Church of Scientology Religious Trust:

July 17, 2009 a posting about David Miscavige taking over all sectors of organized scientology through abuse and lies:

August 11, 2009 a posting about doctoring corporate documents to hide David Miscavige's controls of organized scientology:

August 23, 2009 and August 27, 2009 two postings about David Miscavige and his motivations:

October 3, 2009, a posting giving my opinion of organized scientology's greatest crime, a crime against love itself:

November 12 and November 15, 2009, two postings about coerced abortions in organized scientology and doing something about it:

November 19 ,2009, a posting using a command chart done up from memory years ago by Jeff Hawkins showing the difference bewteen what organized scientology says about its command structure and what is the truth involving David Miscavige controlling it:

November 25, 2009, a posting about David Miscavige being sued for human trafficking and more:

January 26, 2010, a posting giving more information about organized scientology's "Church of Spiritual Technology":

January 26, 2010, a series of people asking questions and me answering as best I can relating to organized scientology as found on reddit:

February 3, 2010, two postings in one thread giving an update on litigation against organized scientology and giving views on what can be done to help and why people who have appropriate information should help:

April 6, 2010, a posting giving tips on how one might remove David Miscavige from corporate authority in organized scientology:

April 13, 2010, two more posts about removing Miscavige from corporate authority and various deceptions included in organized scientology's corporate structure (includes CST, RTC and various trusts):

April 23, 2010, a posting about central control of finances in organized scientology and how they lie about it:

August 29, 2010, a posting commenting in a thread about the tragic death of Kyle Brennan in part because of the dangerous policies and practices of organized scientology and the dirty trick organized scientology is doing to try to get the legal case derailed by attacking the attorney per their abusive policies on this subject:

August 30, 2010, a posting about a Special Unit legal commendation from 1982 and what it hides about controls and abuses in organized scientology:

December 18, 2010, a posting about getting sales tax exemption for organized scientology in Florida in 1975/76:

December 20, 2010, a posting about how one can fight organized scientology's lies and abuses despite its strong corporate structure:

December 20, 2010, a posting about my views on why scientology/dianetics "tech" can be harmful to people:

January 3, 2011, a posting giving more information on the controls within organized scientology:

June 26, 2011, a posting about people speaking out and wanting the abuses stopped:

July 12, 2011, two postings about protesting in NY City with my dear friend Patty:

July 21, 2011, a posting about getting out the truth about organized scientology and still making a difference despite their religious cloaking defenses:

September 1, 2011, a posting showing a little heart felt love to Anonymous:

September 18, 2011, a posting giving a link to a vital declaration from Vaughn Young that clearing lays out how organized scientology is controlled by David Miscavige through the Sea Organization while Miscavige commits perjury about same:

September 25, 2011, a posting about how Hubbard had to secretly control organized scientology and who he used to do it:

October 1, 2011, a posting about "study tech" and Delphian Oregon being a front for organized scientology:

October 28, 2011, Comment on abuses getting worse under Miscavige:

October 30, 2011, Comments on Miscavige’s continued abuses:

November 16, 2011, Note re Miscavige using confidential religious files to sexually ridicule others:

November 19, 2011, final comments on Miscavige cowardly hiding behind others who he forces to lie for him:

November 25, 2011, a posting quoting mine about independent scientologists and ex scientologists and our future together:

November 29, 2011, Miscavige’s legacy are the destroyed families he leaves in his wake:

December 1, 2011, Together standing up to expose and fight the abuses:

December 4, 2011, a brief posting about duping scholars into saying scientology is a religion:

December 11, 2011, a posting on their policy called "Scriptures Defined" and the purpose of it:

December 12, 2011, a posting quoting mine about some of the ways organized scientology tried to ensure I would never tell the truth:

December 14, 2011, a posting about importance of free speech and divergent opinions in the quest to expose scientology and their abuses:

February 20, 2012, a posting thanking Anonymous on the anniversary of Project Chanology Anonymous for helping raise us all up to speak out:!-The-Scrapbook-Thread&p=662390&viewfull=1#post662390

March 19, 2012:, The Most Powerful Weapon in Stopping scientology Abuses - The Truth

March 20, 2012, an example of how just telling the truth can stop their exploitation of others – Galaxy Press:

A series of postings called “The Miscavige Legal Statements – a study in Perjury, Lies and Misdirection”:
Posting #1 - October 7, 2008:
Posting #2 - October 7, 2008:
Posting #3 - October 7, 2008:
Posting #4 - October 10, 2008: Posting #5 - October 11, 2008
Posting #6 - October 13, 2008
Posting #7 - October 18, 2008
Posting #8 - October 24,2008
Posting #9 - October 30, 2008
Posting #10 - November 11, 2008:
Posting #11 - November 18, 2008:
Posting #12 - November 26, 2008:

Just how paranoid is David Miscavige and his minnions in his Office of Special Affairs? They call Anonymous internet terrorists and accuse them of all sorts of crimes that are ridiculous. Here is a link to a posting I made which contains some short videos I took of these alleged "terriorists" on September 13, 2008. Judge for yourself:

The final thread for Larry Brennan started March 26, 2012:

There will be no more postings anywhere by Larry Brennan including as LarryBren on WWP, SME on and ARS and Lovinglife625 on Ex Scientologist Message Board and on ex SO.

I hope with all my heart that information on this blogspot has helped and can continue to be used to help others. All the information contained above is freely available to anyone who would care to use it to help herself, himself or others!!

I <3 you!!!!!

This concludes this blogspot.

Larry Brennan is gone, Denise Brennan has begun.