Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pictures - How Times Change

Myself and my baby daughter in 1983. I am in my Sea Org "Commander's" uniform. At that time I was "Special Unit In Charge" and "Watchdog Committee Member X".

Twenty five years later (March 2008) this is myself with members of Anonymous outside of the Boston location of organized scientology.
Who woulda thunk!?!? :)


buttersquash said...

Hi! Just adding a comment. I should have something more to say. This is Rob, met you in New Haven and hung around across the street from the org with you most of the picket in the couple months before Anonymous showed up.

avideogameplayer said...

Hey, Larry. Keep up the good work. And yea, things do change in 25 years...

nate and mona said...

good morn Larry ...
found you through your post on the wwp forum..
glad to find you and your great blog.
will be checking it out more today..

nate and mona
thanks for speaking out..